Following is a list of on-line stores, projects, or events from individual SEMBA members.

Honeyflow Farm:   SEMBA member Bill Schnute's web site contains a wealth of information including a monthly newsletter.

Windmill Hill Farm:   SEMBA member Don Ragan owns a hobby farm where he keeps bees and has started an apple orchard.

Bobilin Honey:   SEMBA member Bob Jastrzebski provides pollination services, swarm removal, mentoring. Queens available from the end of April, NUCs available in the spring. You can register for a monthly newsletter and place an ad for used or new equipment. Bob also teaches a class for beginning beekeepers.

Two Bees Candles:   SEMBA member Barbara Danielsen creates a wide variety of beeswax candles and ornaments throughout the year. She sells at area Farmer's Markets and Craft Fairs. She started her candle business with her son several years ago, and has recently started her first hives. Her business is growing, and her candles are now in 5 stores from Ann Arbor to Troy... this means she is regularly buying cappings beeswax from other Michigan beekeepers. Contact her if you have cappings beeswax to sell at

Mohawk Valley Trading Company: Honey, raw honey, beeswax candles and natural personal care products.

35 Hives: SEMBA Member Cecilia Infante hosts meetings of the Southeast Michigan Apitherapy Association at her home in Northfield Township. Check out the SEMBA Newsletter for upcoming meeting dates and times. She also runs an apitherapy business that specializes in developing treatments for conditions associated with inflammation (using honey bee venom) and infection (using propolis). She welcomes anyone interested in apitherapy and complimentary alternative medical treatments to join her website at where they can share their experiences and advertise their services/products by linking to their business website. For more information or to visit her farm, please call/text 734-358-0525 or email

If you are a SEMBA member in good standing and want to advertise your business here. Please contact us at