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Why Join SEMBA?

Information Sharing

Even if we want to live in our own little beekeeping bubble, our bees do not. They’re subject to the world around them in a very real way. Joining and attending bee club meetings can give you a head’s up on what other beekeepers are experiencing across your city or county in the way of pests, weather, and unforeseen obstacles.

You’ll get the inside scoop on local beekeeping vendors.

The monthly member newsletter or SEMBA website list the availability of local bees for sale, equipment or local events to support beekeepers. You might not need to know this stuff but on the other hand something might pop up that would be of interest to you that you’d otherwise never hear about.


Not only will you receive newsletters and updates about what is going on in apicultural research and the beekeeping industry you’ll also be able to attend occasional meetings which usually have knowledgeable speakers or informative workshops.

You get to meet local beekeepers.

By attending meetings you’ll get to meet the people in your area who work with bees. These people are an invaluable resource of beekeeping knowledge as well as being stand-up people well worth knowing.

It’s fun.

Goofing around with new friends and sharing stories about a passion for bees and the hardships of beekeeping qualifies as good times. And meeting someone new that’s keen on bees is almost inevitable.

You’ll be supporting your local beekeepers association.

The annual fee isn’t too expensive ($10 for single and $15 for family) and the funds go to support information sharing, education and research.

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