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SEMBA 87th Annual Bee Conference - 2022 Beepalooza at Tollgate!

May 22, 2022 8:30am-4pm

Join us for an exciting in-person conference hosted by SEMBA at Michigan State University's Tollgate Farm and Education Center in Novi, MI. This will be the first conference hosted by SEMBA in two years and will include speaker sessions at multiple locations on site, including hands on experience classes. In addition, we will have vendors on site (list to be updated soon!) and food trucks in case you need a bite to eat. 

There will be seven tracks of classes that will be held at various locations at Tollgate for beginner to advanced beekeepers. The latest agenda is now available!! Please see the link below. A site map and list of vendors will be available soon. 

New for SEMBA will be special small sessions that include mead tasting, candle making, and honey tasting. In addition, we will be offering live demonstrations in the bee yard such as hive inspections, mite sampling and queen rearing techniques. These demonstrations are split into three tracks, one each for beginners, intermediate and advanced beekeepers. These classes will be limited in space so register soon!! Once the limits are met for the classes, we will remove them from the event registration. Be sure to bring your veil and jacket if you register for the bee yard demonstrations.

In addition, there will be some fun silent auctions as well as raffles featuring fun bee themed gifts!

Beepalooza Agenda

Register Here!

Beepalooza Vendor Registration

For all interested vendors, you can register for this event below. We will have available up to three tables ($20 each) and one 10x10 tent ($15) at the conference. You are more than welcome to bring your own tables and tents if you prefer. Keith Lazar is the main contact for vendor logistics at this event and can be contacted via email at keithmlazar@hotmail.com or by phone at 248-361-1710.

Vendor Registration

We need You! Beepalooza Volunteers!!

SEMBA members, to make Beepalooza a fun and exciting event, we need volunteers to help with site logistics and event planning. If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up below:


Spring is Honey Bee Swarm Season

Below are some resources to help you understand and manage swarms, including contacts in your area to assist with safely removing honey bees in unwanted areas.

Reporting a swarm of honey bees 

Thousands of honey bees have just invaded your property or adjacent area and have now settled in a large clump on a tree, a fence or on some other object. The mass of bees, called a swarm, may be as small as a softball or larger than a basket ball. You may feel terrified and think that your family is in great danger and you want them removed as soon as possible. The following questions and answers may help you understand the nature of swarming, how to remove the problem and also help a beekeeper save the honeybees.


Every year beekeepers are called upon to give advice regarding the removal of honey bees (and other insect pests) from homes and buildings. Such advice is difficult to give because each case requires first hand information, and no two responses are alike.

The following information is designed to give guidance about what needs to be done to accomplish honey bee nest removal and what considerations should be given when choosing a course of action.

Swarm Removal Contact List

The SEMBA swarm list is posted at the link below. For any questions or concerns you can contact SEMBA at sembabees.info@gmail.com

As you may know, most pesticides can pose a risk to humans and animals. For this reason, ConsumerNotice.org has published a free guide with organic, homemade, and agricultural alternatives.

You can check out the guide here:  Read More

Who We Are



Membership is open to anyone interested in beekeeping and connecting with local Michigan beekeepers.

Meetings are on the 3rd Sunday of every Month 


Beekeeping  School is a nine month course introducing you to the biology of the honey bee, sustainable beekeeping practices, and honey extraction

2022 Beginnering Beekeeping School Registration opens December 5!

Register Here


Beekeeping information available on the web is detailed and thorough. Virtually anything you can wish to learn about beekeeping is out there, on some website, somewhere! But many of us here retain an enjoyment of the tactile turning of physical pages when reading a good book. 

Books To Read

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