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American Basswood (Tilia americana) - 3-4' tall sapling

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Basswoods provide the most nectar of any plant or tree known in the US. Height of mature tree: 60 - 80 ‘. Best for plan1ng at the edge of your yard, or in a park where it will have space to grow. Growth: Medium to fast depending on soil condi1ons. Prefers deep, moist, rich soil, but also grows in dry, heavy soil. Likes sun or part shade. Flowers: Very fragrant flowers around July 4th. Starts to flower at 10-12 years old; will live 100 years or more. Does not flower every year. Other info: Native from Maine to Florida, west to the Dakotas. Susceptible to Japanese beetles. Trees will arrive at several central locations for distribution by April 10 at MSU Tollgate. Pickup is preferred, but delivery may be available. You will receive dormant, bare-root trees. They must not dry out or be exposed to heat. SEMBA assumes no liability after you receive them but will do our best to address your questions. You should plan to have them distributed as bare-root plants no later than two weeks after your receipt, or plant them into plastic or bio-degradable pots. Once potted, they will last for an entire season and can be distributed throughout the year.

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