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Beepalooza 2022 Photo Album

Figure 1 Meghan started the day with some very thoughtful words of advice on caring for bees

New beekeepers soaking up Charlotte Hubbard’s entertaining talk

Charlotte Hubbard

Mike Connor on Trees for Bees, we sold eighteen American Basswood trees.

Lots of room in the Green Barn.

Hands on in the hive!

Preston Zale during his very tasteful appreciating honey talk.

The microscope class with Melissa Holahan and Peter Fowler.

MSU Extension in the Sentinel Yard, such a great learning opportunity.

Fun in the SEMBA bee yard.

Meghan sharing her knowledge.

Jamie Walters one of our favorite Ohio Inspectors.

Jamie on identifying pest and disease.

A closer look in the SEMBA yard with Lisa Stinson.

Dan Wynns is so cool and calm and knows far more then he lets on… well worth hangin out with.

Andrew Connor and Wicwas Press under the Pavalion.

Lots of hands on in the hives. Thank you Kerry Wysocki, Lisa Stinson, Mohammed Cherri and Cecilia Infante.

Wrapping the day up with Ken Schramm and his highly informative excursion into the history of mead and its growing culture.

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