Three Pound Package Bees and Five Frame Medium Nucs

Package Bees with laying queen:  $120.00   (April 30 Delivery Livonia or Ann Arbor)

Five Frame Medium Nucs: $185.00 . (April 20 Availability in Livonia only)

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Breathable Beekeeping Clothing

We are Leslie and Kevin Carr and our  bees forage on the shore of Lake St. Clair. We are the proud owners of   We sell custom made 100% cotton, cool and breathable beekeeping clothing

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This book is also highly suggested reading if you will be taking our beekeeping class this spring! Special for SEMA members - Great value - $55.00 at most other sites. Books can be picked up at the December 16th meeting.


Honey Bee Biology

Sometimes you just want to know the whys of beekeeping in order to better understand the hows and whens. With hundreds of pages and colored photos, Dewey M. Caron's book explains just that. It covers everything from bee anatomy to pheromones, colony maintenance to current management techniques. Get this invaluable resource today!

Hard cover

355 pages

Fully revised, with hundreds of stunning photographs

Achieves the delicate balance of accessibility and depth of information

Offers insights into bee behavior and biology, updated threat analysis, and current ways of managing and growing colonies

Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping by Dewey M. Caron

Book will be delivered during our December 16th Meeting

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Plants with Purpose

Would you like to help Michigan’s honey bees, butterflies and native bees thrive, but don’t know where to start? Plant with Purpose - plant them food!

We offer a wide variety of flowering trees, shrubs and perennial wildflowers native to Michigan, and others, chosen for their nectar or pollen value to pollinators as well as for their natural beauty.

We can help you select plants best suited to your specific growing conditions to provide quality pollinator forage throughout the growing season.

Plants are available for purchase/pick up at:

Windy Rock Farm

6750 Sharon Hollow Road

Manchester, MI  48158

Cash or check preferred, but cards are accepted.

To request a catalog of varieties offered, check availability, or place an order, please call or text us at: (734) 223-3242 or e-mail at -