Polypropylene Hive Wraps for Sale


This year Mike Sautter introduced this item to the club at the August Membership Meeting and has offered to make the trip to pick up the covers when they are available in October.

  • These wraps are made of 4mm black polypropylene (corrugated plastic) with 5% U.V. protection. Polypropylene Copolymer is used for indoor and outdoor signs and packaging.

  • They are lightweight.

  • Designed to fold and store flat.  Wraps should be stored flat, horizontally, in a cool dark place when not on the hives.

  • Polypropylene has been tested to have little water absorption in 24 hours - .02% compared with 75% for (presumably unwaxed) cardboard in 50% relative humidity.

  • It will withstand temperature extremes from -17F to 230F.

  • Folds have a living hinge of 21,000 cycles.

  • They have one heat welded seam.

  • Similar Winter wraps have been used  at the University of Guelph, Bee Research Lab for about about 25 years.  

  • MADE FOR 10 FRAME EQUIPMENT, * 8 frame equipment will require a-lot of modification with additional for foam sheets and a larger outer cover (NOT included).


  • 1 SINGLE HIVE WRAP – $12.00

Covers one 9 5/8” high brood chamber. Actual measurements - 21” X 17” X 11.5” high with four 10.5” flaps. Suitable for 1 deep or  2 medium box Hives - 10 FRAME HIVES 

  • 1 HIVE DOUBLE WRAP -  $15.00

Covers two 9 5/8” high brood chambers. Actual size - 21” X 17” X 21” high with four 10.5” flaps. Suitable for 2 deep or  3 medium box Hives  -10 FRAME HIVES

All orders must be completed by September 7th thru the SEMBA website.

Ordering time has expired. Thank you to everyone who ordered!

Once submitted No Refunds, Returns or Cancellations

Delivery    11/18/2018 at the November SEMBA Meeting -  Schoolcraft College.

Earlier if possible at October 21 membership meeting.



If you have questions about ordering and pickup

contact Sandy -



Tammy  -  


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