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The 2018 beekeeping class is now closed! If you are interested in getting on the list for next year, please sign up and we will contact you!

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Spring 2018 Class Information.......


TUITION for the entire course includes a paperback copy of the text entitled "Beekeeping 101 - Handbook and Guide for Beginning Beekeepers" by Dana T. Stahlman and an electronic copy of Starting and Keeping Bees in Michigan, but does NOT include any bees, equipment, supplies, etc. [Tuition also does NOT include items required for the course such as: new hive wood ware, new package of bees with new queen (sourced through SEMBA), protective clothing, hive tool, smoker, etc.]

Additional requirements:
Complete, and submit, the above Application for SEMBA's Beekeeping Course for Beginners and pay the tuition. Registration will continue until course is filled. Please note: the course size is limited, and preference is granted to SEMBA members.

Attend all of the sessions. Attendance at each session is important since it is difficult to duplicate hive conditions for non-attendees, and classes often build upon prior classes. Reading the text is also important.

Anyone re-installing a queen and/or any other bee(s) must acquire each from a SEMBA approved source and they must be inspected prior to placing at the course site. All participants must properly maintain all items left at the course site and conduct themselves in a friendly and helpful manner, following all rules and must timely remove all items from the course site on or before 8:30 p.m., August 11,2018, when there will be an auction of all remaining items, if any.

It is the policy of SEMBA that no person, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, marital status, disability, or political affiliation or belief, shall be discriminated against, excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination in employment or in any program or activity for which it is responsible or for which it receives financial assistance from the U.S.
Department of Education SEMBA reserves the right to add or delete, without notice, any course offering or information contained in this document.

Please be aware that DATES AND LOCATION may change, keep both weekend days open till established

SEMBA is not responsible for any damage to hives while at school location. 

To help reduce the risk of introducing pests, students electing to temporarily have a hive at the course site will need to provide all new hive equipment and a new package of bees with a new queen (sourced through SEMBA). New hive equipment includes all new woodware that includes at least one new outer cover, one new inner cover, at least six (6) new hive bodies, sufficient frames with new foundation for all of your hive bodies, one new bottom board, one new entrance reducer, and one new hive support. See below Course syllabus for equipment recommendations.

To go to syllabus click HERE

Class Size is Limited to 40 People

Options for Beekeeping School

#1. I will be purchasing a new hive & new bees to be installed at the course site Y/N

#2 I will be sharing a purchased new hive & bees with a friend or family member who is also signed up for this course. Y/N

#3 I will not be purchasing a new hive or bees but will be observing others Y/N

TUITION for the entire course (which does not include a SEMBA membership)

If you responded yes to questions 1 or 2: $TBD per person, payable in advance, if you purchase a new hive & new bees installed at the course site for your use. (Please note family members may share purchased new hive & new bees installed at the course site provided each family member is paying their own Tuition.)
If you responded yes to question 3: $TBD per person, payable in advance, if you do NOT purchase a new hive & new bees installed at the course site. (Such persons may observe, from a distance, hives of persons who did purchase, for their own use, a new hive & new bees installed.)

SEMBA WILL NOT PROVIDE A NEW HIVE OR NEW BEES. Student is responsible to purchase their own woodenware for their hive (see below for more details)  SEMBA plans on ordering at least forty (40) three (3) pound packages of bees with a queen for installation at the course site with a current estimated cost of $115. Each student of the entire course must purchase one (1) package from SEMBA.  You will get your bees during the class. 

Three (3) pound packages of bees with a queen has a current estimated cost of $TBD.00

If you are not a current member, please add $10.00 for an individual membership or $15.00 for a family membership. 

Method of Payment: Check made payable to the order of "SEMBA"  Or Pay Online Below

Payment by check - send to: