Beginning and intermediate beekeeping classes are now closed for 2019

Greeting future Beekeepers

We have had a tremendous response to our Bee School program this past year, and much interest expressed in our up-coming classes, so we wanted follow-up with some information about both. 

There will be two beekeeping programs in 2019: 1) a beginners class and 2) an intermediate class.

1) The beginning class will run from March 3 through Oct 5 at Tollgate Farms in Novi. The cost will be $180 and include at least 12 class sessions and a course book on beekeeping fundamentals. We will also offer a discounted price on Dewey Caron’s excellent Honeybee Biology, which will form the bases of our classroom work.

2) The intermediate program will rely heavily on Dewey Caron’s Honeybee Biology and also Tom Seeley’s Honeybee Democracy. More detailed information about the intermediate class will be available next month.

For both classes, we will continue to host a series of high-caliber guest speakers from around the country, as well as many volunteers and mentors from SEMBA’s cadre of experienced beekeepers. 

In addition to the 30 or so beginning beekeeper student hives, we will have another 1/2 dozen intermediate student hives in our Tollgate Bee Yard--making the SEMBA program one of the best hands-on beekeeping experiences in the region.

Registration IS OPEN for intermediate classes

Intermediate Beekeeping is closed for 2019. Click HERE to be taken to the intermediate class syllabus

Beginning Beekeeping is closed for 2019. Click HERE to be taken to the beginning class syllabus