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  • Wanted: Bee hives on my 15 acre farm in Carelton MI with a wide variety of blooming plants and open areas of wild fields.
    Contact Karen at (triplets35 at att dot net)
  • Experienced beekeeper bringing a few Florida five frame nucs back to Michigan (Richmond/Algonac area) mid April 2016. Made with care, $130 each. 586-242-0033
  • Due to a recently discovered medical condition a SEMBA member is selling all of his hives, loaded with honey. Hives are in excellent condition and some are on trailers for easy transport.
    Call Paul Antonelli at 734-320-0021.
  • For Sale: Raw, unfiltered honey in 5 gallon lots.
    Contact Paul Marks at 734-269-2794.
    -- SOLD OUT!
  • For sale: 5 gallon honey pails. Call R. Sutherland 734-668-8568.
  • My Grandfather, a beekeeper, passed away and the estate is looking to sell his beekeeping supplies. We are looking for one person or a group to take the whole lot. Suits, veils,covers, bottom boards, deep and shallow supers, frames with and without foundation and smokers.
    Please contact Rebecca at (rebecca at capen dot org) or call 231-202-9308.
  • FOR RENT: Two-frame, Eight (8) Frames motorized extractors for rent at $25 a day.Weather permitting, I will be extracting my honey on Labor Day weekend (9/5/15-9/7/15). Anyone wanting to extract honey at my place (Romulus, Michigan), can call me at 313-999-3180 or e-mail me (m7mav at yahoo dot com).

  • Honey bee colonies for sale. These colonies started from swarms from my bee yard. They are at different stages of growth. Some are in a nuke box and others in a deep box. (It depends on the size of the swarm.) The price is $110.00. I would sell these colonies with the price plus equal equipment exchange. If you have any questions please call Mazin at 313-999-3180.
  • Beekeeper seeking a location to place one hive in Novi, Northville, Farmington or Livonia.
    Call Julia 248-615-0233 or email (julia at foxthorn dot com)
  • Nucs will be available once I ensure their Queen is laying. Queens are either created by notching or a cell taken from a hive that has over wintered. These bees survived the last several winters in MI with simple rigid foam insulation. They were treated with either Hopguard or Mite Away Quick Strips last fall. I will sell 5 medium frames in a coated cardboard nuc box for cash. All hardware is yours to keep and no replacement frames are necessary - $182 or - If you replace the frames with waxed horizontal and vertical wired mediums (-$25). Bees and just the coated nuc box - $157 And bring your own box/super (-$7). Just Bees, when you return the box - $150
    Barb - (MrBzSHoney at gmail dot com) or 734-612-0234 (corrected nbr)

  • Nucs: a variety of sizes, ready now.
    Contact Deborah at 734-662-3886 (H), 734-645-8431 (C).
  • Queens for sale. Contact Randy Graichen, 734-483-0231,
    (kyger7 at hotmail dot com)
    -- SOLD OUT!
  • Wanted: Bee hive on 1/2 acre plus lot in Pontiac, Michigan. Lakefront former railroad parcel with native xeriscaping and fruit tree planting in progress. Wetland and prairie also nearby. I have a decommissioned electrical box that I would like to put a hive in. Trying to increase biodiversity on the site- beekeeper can have honey/products of hive.
    Please contact Daniel Elkin at 5133155903 or (danielkelkinarch at gmail dot com). Nearest intersection is Saginaw and Montcalm streets north of Pontiac center.
  • For sale: 5 frame nuc from large newly captured swarm.
    Call Darrell at 734-429-8578.

  • Wanted: Beekeeper to sell honey and other beekeeping products at the Romulus Farmers Market. The market is held on Wednesdays from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. June 17, 2015 thru October 14, 2015 in the Romulus City Hall Complex located at 11111 Wayne Road, Romulus, MI 48174.
    For more information please contact Merrie Druyor, Market Manager at 734-955-4531 or (mdruyor at

  • Wanted: Bee hives on my 3 acre farm with pasture land, fruit trees, multiple flower gardens and a good source of water from a natural spring. I have never used any pesticides or weed killers.
    Please contact Karen Schmidt 248-858-0910 (day#) or Mike Twarog 248-343-0852 (cell). Major crossroads are Orion Rd. between Rochester Rd and M-24 Oakland Township
  • Wanted: 1-2 bee hives to lease or rent for my property in Livingston County. Good bee forage with 35 fruit trees.
    Contact Ron French 517-404-3397 (bravent at earthlink dot net)
  • For sale: Used bottom boards, $7:00 each, used inner covers, $5:00 each, outer covers, $10:00 each. One used smoker, $15:00.
    Contact Dave Kriesch 810-441-2012.
  • 28 pounds of wax for sale. 11 pounds is super clean and ready for candlemaking $10/lb.. 17 pounds is a little darker. $6/lb.
    Please contact Roxane (mrhook at provide dot net) or 734-216-0418.
  • For Sale: 60 lb bucket of honey. $160.00 w/bkt exchange.
    Call Dave: 810-441-2012
  • Wanted: Local honey and beeswax in Macomb or East/Northeast Oakland counties.
    Call Christina 586-623-8151 (cell), (cschroth at gmail dot com)

  • Bee Boot Camp (Bee keeping classes)
    Call Bob Jastrzebski 734-748-2185 or go to