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  • Hive Location Offered: 10 acres with over 100 apple trees ready to host bee hives. The bees can stay year round. Located in Milford by the GM Proving Grounds. You can contact me at (tmcadotte at gmail dot com) or 248-420-4357
  • Bees from H+R Apiaries, GA. 3 lb. $94, 2 lb. $84. Delivery approximately May 10, 2014. No cage charge. Contact: Shawn Shubel, 517-548-5176
  • WANTED: Someone to set up and maintain a bee colony in Pontiac, Michigan. I have a fenced orchard of 43 fruit trees of 23 varieties. I would not object to having more than one hive on the property. Please contact Mark Thomas at 248 408-7393 or (markthomas175 at hotmail dot com).
  • For sale: 3# packages with Italian Queen for $87(approx. pick-up date May 5); 5 frame nucs for sale for $140; 10 frame deep with at least 6 frames of brood for $180; and Italian queens $24 each. For further information, contact Carl at (hardyhoney at att dot net) or (586) 484-1110, please leave a message
  • Hive location offered: 75 acre farm currently planted with clover/alfalfa/grass pasture mix near Grass Lake, MI. Contact Salomon Jost 586-202-9466. (salomongardens at gmail dot com)
  • Bees. 3# packages from Wilbanks Apiaries, Georgia. Pick-up date April 22, 2014. Call Blanche Barber, 248-634-7017.

  • 5 frame nucs,(deeps) in plastic coated cardboard nuc boxes. There is NO deposit on the nuc boxes and no frame exchange.. Delivery approximately May 11. Contact Don Schram, 248-310-8205, (don.schram at gmail dot com)


  • Package bees from H+R Apiaries, GA. 3 lb. $94, 2 lb. $84.
    Delivery April 24, 2014. No cage charge.
    Contact Mike Siarkowski, 517-545-0824, (bcky286 at yahoo dot com)

  • Wanted: Four frame hand extractor.
    Contact Clayton Scholz, (claysbees at att dot net), 248-348-0217.

  • Wanted: Local honey (raw is preferred) to sell at the Eden Store in Clinton, MI. Amounts needed are 6 cases of two pounders, and 5 cases of one pounders per year.
    Contact Brandon Moeckel 517-456-7424, ext.229
    (bmoeckel at edenfoods dot com)


  • Bees wax for sale. Very clean (med. color). About 8-10 lbs. available for $4.50/lb.
    Email (lizze dot toddmasters at gmail dot com).


  • Wanted 2 to 3 pounds of bees wax by November 16.
    Contact Nichole Homfeld 313-971-6646 (nhomfeld at umich dot edu)


  • Skow's Berry Farm, 2578 Ogden Highway, Adrian, Michigan, 49221, is looking for a beekeeper who wants to place up to 27 hives at our farm and leave them there all season long. That would be from April 20 to September 30. If the beekeeper wishes, he may leave the hives here over the winter. We will want them for the year 2014.
    For more details contact Rod Skow (rskow1313 at frontier dot com)


  • FOR RENT: Two-frame motorized extractor for rent at $25 a day at my place. I live in Romulus, Michigan close to I-94, 275 and I-75. Anyone wanting to extract honey or need more information you can call me (Mazin) at 313-999-3180 or e-mail me (m7mav at yahoo dot com)


  • 396 4 oz. plastic honeybear bottles with the seal-top caps.
    Contact Kathryn Sampson 313-565-9271, (ivalu52 at comcast dot net)

  • 6 5/8" medium depth supers, $2 each, deep supers, $4 each, Telescoping covers $2 each. Contact Roger Sutherland 734-668-8568, 734-646-8551 (


  • For sale: 500 hive top feeders (Mann Lake, $21.95). 2-4 years old in good condition; painted brown. Switching to internal feeders so I can ship colonies to California for almonds. $10 each. Contact (donragan at comcast dot net).

  • Wanted: 55 gallon drums of SE Michigan honey. We'll pick up. Offering $2.20/pound. Contact (donragan at comcast dot net).


  • I have a Dadant 12 frame extractor for sale without stand $900.
    Have 50 Deep supers for sale $5.00 ea.
    Have 10 Bottom boards $5.00 ea.
    Bob Jastrzebski -- Bobilin Honey


  • A warning from Bob Jastrzebski:

    This guy is going around and ripping off Beekeepers in Michigan. He wants to buy all your honey and writes a bad check. He has written thousands of dollars in bad checks to Beekeepers.

    We had 4 bad checks from a Abraham Abdullah with US wholesale center.

    Here is another Alias or real name Abdul Aljhain

    Do not take a partial payment!!!!!! Then you can not file a complaint!!!! Even if he has written a small bad check go to your police department and file a complaint. We need to get the state police envolved and get this guy in jail.

    He wrote me a bad check for $150 which bounced. Then came over and made good on it and wanted to buy "everything you got". The next check would have bounced and I would have been stuck. That is a typical con.

    The lesson here CASH ONLY.


  • Bee equipment for sale: boxes, frames, plastic honey bear bottles, a four-frame extractor and frame assemble. Kathryn Sampson 313-565-9271