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  • Wanted: Beekeeper to sell honey and other beekeeping products at the Romulus Farmers Market. The market is held on Wednesdays from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. June 17, 2015 thru October 14, 2015 in the Romulus City Hall Complex located at 11111 Wayne Road, Romulus, MI 48174.
    For more information please contact Merrie Druyor, Market Manager at 734-955-4531 or (mdruyor at

  • Wanted: Bee hives on my 3 acre farm with pasture land, fruit trees, multiple flower gardens and a good source of water from a natural spring. I have never used any pesticides or weed killers.
    Please contact Karen Schmidt 248-858-0910 (day#) or Mike Twarog 248-343-0852 (cell). Major crossroads are Orion Rd. between Rochester Rd and M-24 Oakland Township
  • Wanted: 1-2 bee hives to lease or rent for my property in Livingston County. Good bee forage with 35 fruit trees.
    Contact Ron French 517-404-3397 (bravent at earthlink dot net)
  • For sale: Used bottom boards, $7:00 each, used inner covers, $5:00 each, outer covers, $10:00 each. One used smoker, $15:00.
    Contact Dave Kriesch 810-441-2012.
  • 28 pounds of wax for sale. 11 pounds is super clean and ready for candlemaking $10/lb.. 17 pounds is a little darker. $6/lb.
    Please contact Roxane (mrhook at provide dot net) or 734-216-0418.
  • For Sale: 60 lb bucket of honey. $160.00 w/bkt exchange.
    Call Dave: 810-441-2012
  • Wanted: Local honey and beeswax in Macomb or East/Northeast Oakland counties.
    Call Christina 586-623-8151 (cell), (cschroth at gmail dot com)

  • Bee Boot Camp (Bee keeping classes)
    Call Bob Jastrzebski 734-748-2185 or go to
  • For Sale: Bees. 3# package w/queen, $105.
    Deliveries April 5,19, 26, May 3,17.
    Five frame medium nucs, $140.
    Contact Robert Jastrzebski. 734-748-2185, (Bob at cimsurf dot com)

  • For Sale: Bees. 2# package w/queen, $92, 3# package, $102
    Deliveries April 19, 26, May3 & 17.
    Contact Mike Siarkowski, 517-545-0824, (misiark at gmail dot com)

  • For Sale: Bees. 3# package from Wilbanks Apiaries, Georgia.
    Pick-up date April 22, 2015. Call Blanche Barber, 248-634-7017.

  • Free: Panasonic printer, Model KX-P1124.
    Call Roger Sutherland at 734-668-8568, (rsuther30 at gmail dot com)
  • Hive location offered: Hartland area, US 23 and Clyde Rd.
    Contact Joe Keehi 734-740-0599
  • Free: 26 inch girl's Schwinn bike, 16 inch girl's Huffy bike, 15 inch tricycle.
    Contact Roger Sutherland 734-668-8568, (rsuther30 at gmail dot com)
  • Beeswax wanted. Contact Janice at 586-604-8012
  • For Sale: Closing out beekeeping operation. Many items for sale.
    Contact Ted Hysen, 734-878-6792 (tphysen at gmail dot com)
  • For Sale: Anti-Varroa Queens available.
    Contact Meghan Milbrath 651-428-0543 (meghanom at gmail dot com)
  • Wish to purchase beeswax. Contact Steven, 281-677-1510.
  • 68 year old Christian man from Egypt with 50 years experience is offering his beekeeping services to interested beekeepers. He has experiences in queen rearing, honey extraction, frame and hive construction and many other aspects of colony management. He resides in Macomb County, Clinton Township and can be contacted by calling his son Afi at 586-850-1170