Wayne County Community College District's Western Campus
9555 Haggerty Hwy, Belleville, MI 48111

Admission is Free!
Doors open for registration at 7:30 am

The SEMBA Spring Beekeeping Conference is all about getting started, building knowledge, and learning new information about the Honey bee. The conference is setup to provide a wide variety of topics focused from beginners to advanced beekeepers through a choice of 18 breakout sessions. The classes offered range from starting out in beekeeping, building equipment and maintaining hives. Other topics include bee nutrition, Phenology (bloom times in relation to season), trees for bees, making creamed honey, new regulations regarding obtaining bee treatments, Queens, and more. Also planned are several Q&A sessions with the Keynote Speakers and panel forums for beginner and advanced beekeepers. There will also be a Canadian perspective from Les Eccles from Ontario on the workings of the tech transfer team on their efforts with Queen rearing efforts.

Our keynote speaker,
Steve Repasky

will talk about Oxcyclic Acid for treating Varroa, and swarming as a natural production.

Lunch options include a preregistration box lunch, off site restaurants, on-site Vendor or the onsite vending machines or you can brown bag it. Preference will be included in preregistration form. There will be a 2-hour lunch.

Donations requested for Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Doughnuts

Also bring your wax slum, Tim Truscott will be on site and will buy your dirty slum for $.25 per pound.

Admission is free to all, and free entry into a door prize drawing, FOR ALL WHO PREREGISTER BY EMAIL TO SEMBAConfReg@gmail.com, BY NOON, SATURDAY, MARCH 11, 2017.

For further information, please contact Clay E. Ottoni, President of SEMBA, at SEMBAConfReg@gmail.com

Clay E. Ottoni
P. O. Box 300611
Waterford, MI 48330-0611
(248) 454-9800

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